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Property Services - Compliance Services
Property Services - Compliance Services
The risk of asbestos disturbance and confirmed legionella in schools and associated establishments is high given their type and age. Headteachers are responsible for protecting the pupils, staff and users of their premises against these risks and ensuring measures are in place for managing these effectively and in compliance with the relevant legislation.

This service is established within the Council which enables all ‘Responsible Persons’ the peace of mind that risks are identified and managed and actions taken when necessary to mitigate against any legionella outbreak or asbestos disturbance and contamination that comply to all legal requirements and statutory obligations.

Our staff are also fully trained to be able to advise on other required compliance of the buildings which includes Fire Risk Management, Disability Discrimination Act advice and means of escape advice.

Energy Management is also important to schools to help minimise energy costs, our staff are able to identify how and when energy is used in the buildings, carry out inspections and produce the required Display Energy Certificates and advise upon various funding opportunities accessible to schools and educational establishments which can be used to fund projects to replace/upgrade equipment that has improved energy consumptions and contributes to reduced CO2 emissions.