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Special Educational Needs - Advisory Service Early Years - 16 Years
'Working together to make a difference'
The SEN Advisory Service 6-16 yrs. works with schools to improve their systems for identification, assessment and intervention so that they are more effective in ensuring that pupils with SEND maximise their progress.

The OFSTED Inspection framework focuses on the progress and achievement of all children and young people with Special Educational Needs. The Service works with SENCOs/Inclusion Managers to help them audit their practice and prepare for inspection. Schools are supported to maximise the attainment of this group and find the most effective way to record their progress.

This service increases the capacity of SENCO’s, Inclusion Managers, teachers and support staff to teach SEND pupils and organise their special educational provision effectively.

The service facilitates early support and intervention so that fewer children and young people require high level support or an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The SEN Advisory Service (Early Years) works with early years settings to identify, assess and advise on children with SEND so that they are more effective in ensuring the child has appropriate provision and makes progress.